Lucía Cristóbal Marín a proposes a critical review of the experience of the image in the post-internet era. The work questions the ability to respond to new paradigms of the image in a technological world and with direct confrontation with the turbulence of its time. The work builds a neo-drop aesthetic that represents the individual. The myth is no longer Marilyn but a YouTuber

She focus the attention on the ability of the individual to recognize himself in a connected society. She is cofounder of the artistic group TondoSmling, with the realization of interdisciplinary projects (architecture, video art, painting, sculpture, and installation).





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„Viral mirror“, 2019

Videoinstallation on three channels. "Viral mirror" works with videos obtained from the internet. The lower part shows a pixeled auction video in post-production. The upper part shows three videos: Channel 1 (My Feelings Challenge Dance Compilation - YouTube); Channel 2 (Google street view entering in Google center USA); Channel 3 (Video game GTA).